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Anti-Racism Book List

If you are looking for a book to educate yourself on race, racism, and anti-racism, this list is meant to provide a place to start. It is by no means exhaustive. 

Our shop is deeply devoted to anti-racism work, and while it often feels hollow to put together yet another book list, our hope is that each of these books represents one more perspective to listen to and learn from. Always remember that expecting one person, one book to speak for an entire experience is itself an act of violence. Read widely and diversely. And if you're a white person, like we are, remember that standing with our BIPOC neighbors and calling out racism is really the least we can do.

Thank you for doing this work. Don't stop educating yourself.

If you are looking for a book and you do not see it on this list, please email us at and we'll order it for you.

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