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A Crow of His Own by Megan Dowd Lambert

A Crow of His Own by Megan Dowd Lambert

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JUNE & JULY Dotters Daughters Pick

From Charlesbridge Publishing:

Clyde is no Larry.

Living in the shadow of a legend is a lot of work.

Larry was the best rooster ever, waking up the barnyard, impressing his compatriots, and sending all the hens into a swoon with his masterful crow. But when his genius is discovered and Larry takes off for fame and fortune, farmers Jay and Kevin replace the irreplaceable with Clyde. The other animals are skeptical.

Clyde tries everything to win the affections of his new mates—costumes, a soft shoe, a unicycle, even a moustache. But his efforts fall flat and his crow goes unheard. That is until the motherly goose, Roberta, tells him he should just try being himself. Her sage council frees Clyde to step out of the shadows and into the rising sun and crow like only Clyde can crow.

Clyde’s journey is highlighted with animated dialogue and hilarious illustrations full of sight gags that will keep young readers glued to the page. A delightful story that will encourage readers to find their own inner crow.