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A Thousand Little Deaths by Laura Lemoon

A Thousand Little Deaths by Laura Lemoon

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From Red Ferret Press:

"I am a wounded soldier in enemy lands and I don't think / when you come home, mouth dripping with honey / that you knew my story."

A Thousand Little Deaths is a story molded from experience and thrown into verse. For many, poetry is a method of healing, a method of activism, a method of releasing all the pain you've held inside of you in a single burst. LeMoon offers us this brief chapbook of her life in an attempt to share a journey not many are familiar with, taking on existential issues such as death and how absurd life can be when it throws the impossible at you. It's a test of endurance, throwing readers into a world most have probably only seen through television or stereotyped novels. It's a hard read. It's an essential read. And the moment you open up it's pages, LeMoon's words will go right for your gut, sending you spiraling as you move along with her journey.