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Ghosts of Wyoming: Stories by Alyson Hagy

Ghosts of Wyoming: Stories by Alyson Hagy

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From Graywolf Press:

In Ghosts of Wyoming, Alyson Hagy explores the hardscrabble lives and terrain of America's least-populous state. Beyond the tourist destinations of Jackson Hole and Yellowstone lies a less familiar and wilder frontier defined by the tension wrought by abundance and scarcity. 

A young runaway with a big secret slips across the state border and steals a collie pup from the Meeker county fairgrounds. A chorus of trainmen details a day spent laying rail across the Wyoming Territory, while contemporary voices describe life on the oil and gas fields near Gillette. A traveling preacher is caught up in a deadly skirmish between cattle rustlers and ranchers on his way from Rawlins to the Indian camp at the Popo Agie River. Locals and activists clash when a tourist makes an archaeological discovery on Hoodoo Mountain. 

With spirited, lyrical prose, Hagy expertly weaves together Wyoming's colorful pioneer and speculator history with the not-often-heard voices of petroleum workers, thrill-seeking mountain climbers, and those left behind by the latest boom and bust.