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Hard by a Great Forest by Leo Vardiashvili

Hard by a Great Forest by Leo Vardiashvili

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From Penguin - Riverhead Books

“This novel annihilated me. I gasped, laughed, and wept my way through it. Rich with irony and animated with astonishing humanity, this tale of a young Georgian refugee’s odyssey into his birthplace to rescue family left my heart bruised and battered and aching for more.” —Khaled Hosseini

Amid rubble and rebuilding in a former Soviet land, the members of one family must rescue one another and put the past to rest: a stirring novel about what happens after the fighting is over. 
“My mother stayed, so that we could go.”

Having fled conflict in the former Soviet republic of Georgia as children, Saba and his brother have fought to make peace with the past. In particular, they struggle with the sacrifices of a mother who remained in a war zone so that their father could get them out. Now, years later, the brothers are young adults, their mother is dead, and their father has been lured back to their beautiful, decaying homeland—only to disappear. Then Saba’s older brother, chasing after their missing father, vanishes too.

Left alone to figure out what has happened and to find his family, Saba sets off on his own urgent, haunted search across his homeland. Accompanied by new friends and old ghosts as he follows a bread-crumb trail of clues, he must wrestle the present from the past as he crosses into the kind of danger zones—both physical and emotional—that he thought he had left behind. 

Harrowing and tender but leavened with humor and an appreciation for the absurd, Hard by a Great Forest offers a unique story about traumas of war felt even decades after the fighting, and the long-term effects on those families driven not just to survive but to remember.