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Lucy and the Dragonfly by Lucie Papineau

Lucy and the Dragonfly by Lucie Papineau

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From Auzou Books:

A wonderful story to understand climate change and the importance of nature.

In this beautiful tale written by Lucie Papineau and Caroline Hamel, author-illustrator due of The Strongest Man in the World, readers are introduced to Lucy, a little girl with a very special connection to the Earth. Lucy spends all of her free time outside and has the special ability to make the sun smile, but when the Earth gets sick, Lucy can feel its heartbeat weakening. As she mourns, Lucy’s tears land on the wings of a dragonfly who travels across the world in search of someone who can heal the Earth and Lucy.  This accessible and poetic story introduces children to the subject of climate change and the importance of protecting nature.

Lucie Papineau grew up in Quebec and was never seen without a book during her younger years! It was easy for her to move from being a keen reader to becoming a passionate author and editor. Hundreds of books later, Lucie still loves making children laugh and dream and she often travels to meet her readers around the world. Her journeys have inspired the creation of Leon the Raccoon, a young animal explorer! She also wrote a re-telling of the amazing story of Louis Cyr, her inspiration coming from her beloved father, the kindest man in the world, who often told a younger Lucy about this living legend!

When she was growing up in suburban Quebec, Caroline Hamel’s dad converted their shed into a mini-farm! Caroline drew inspiration from the animals there as she began to dabble in doodling. After studying graphic design and illustrating various press publications, this young mother of 2 soon turned her attention to children’s books. Today she lives in Montreal with her family.