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Moonbeam: A Lullaby of the Phases of the Moon by Ann Bausum

Moonbeam: A Lullaby of the Phases of the Moon by Ann Bausum

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From Little Bee Books:

Follow along as people around the world gaze upon the phases of the moon in this beautifully illustrated picture book that celebrates our earth and pays homage to the moon, ever-present and comforting.

I see the moon. Can the moon see me?
Tell me, shadow moon, what do you see?

Toward the sun, I shine quite bright,
but down on Earth, there’s darkest night.
My first face is fresh and new.
You’ll see each phase before we’re through.

In this sweet bedtime story is a universal truth–we are all connected by the moon. From Yosemite to the Taj Mahal to the coast of Greece, we all gaze upon the same moon. Told in dual perspectives from the phases of the moon and from people around the world, they work together to strike a balance of humility and wonder while teaching young readers all about the journey of the moon. Paired with gorgeous illustrations, the rhythmic cadence of the text will lull young readers to sleep on a whimsical, yet factual, journey!