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Shmehara: A poet's journey through war and peace by Andi Kopek

Shmehara: A poet's journey through war and peace by Andi Kopek

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From andikopekart.ink

Shmehara, a debut collection of poems by a contemporary poet, Andi Kopek, takes you on a very personal and transformative journey where the written word, visual art, and animation are fused together.  This immersive multi-media approach and reverse ekphrasis show a flow of artistic vision and give you a transformative, one-of-a-kind experience.  You will run you rfingers through the scars on Andi's soul and feel pain, sorrow, and outrage. 

You will also find solace and empowerment, and pure joy in watching (and endlessly rewatching) dynamic, animated illustrations.  This is what humanity needs now.  This is what people shaken by the war on Ukrainian soil need now.  This is what you need right now.  If you appreciate cutting-edge art and want to support a good cause "Shmehara" by Andi Kopek is a must-read, must-watch experience.

Oh, and aren't you curious what Shmehara means? The answer is so close. Just turn the page...