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The Union of Synchronized Swimmers by Cristina Sandu

The Union of Synchronized Swimmers by Cristina Sandu

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From Scribe Us:

“Cristina Sandu’s spare and sparkling prose is intimate and visceral. A deeply moving story about six women who dare to dream bigger than their muddy river, whose lives splinter from their tight synchronized formations into an unflinching, often unforgiving world. An exquisite and powerful read.”


An Indie Next Pick for August!

"The kind of book you could read in one sitting, one breath, or spread out over weeks of indulgent moments." —Maggie Henrikson, Carmichael's Bookstore

"For a quick, inspiring read, pick up a copy of The Union of Synchronized Swimmers... Whether you consume this small translated tome in a single gulp or choose to savor it, sip by sip, you’ll be exposed to some new ideas, ideals and even hope." —Linda Bond, Auntie's Bookstore

"Vivid... Sandu’s direct prose has impact."—Publishers Weekly

It’s summer behind the Iron Curtain, and six girls are about to swim their way to the Olympics—and a new life.

In an unnamed Soviet state, six girls meet at the river each day to swim. When they find themselves representing their country as synchronized swimmers in the Olympics, they seize the chance they have been waiting for to escape and begin new lives away from the oppressive regime.

Scattered around the globe, six women live their lives in freedom. But will they ever be able to forget what they left behind?

A mesmerizing, multi-layered novella about freedom, women’s choices, and the ties that bind us to our