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Turnabout Shapes by Agnese Baruzzi

Turnabout Shapes by Agnese Baruzzi

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From Minedition:

The ingenious die-cuts are used to great effect, making for a game as you try to guess what each one will turn into.

 New words and fun rhymes make for a great vocabulary builder.

 Vibrant graphic art is perfect for the youngest readers.

In this clever book of die-cut shapes, you can see how a watermelon changes into a bird’s beak–or how a tulip becomes a mermaid’s tail. The pages connect to each other not only through their die-cut holes, but also through a zippy, rhyming text that makes for loads of fun. Filled with colorful art, this is a book that’s pleasing to the eyes, the ears, and the fingers. It’s the kind of book children will want to return to again and again.