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Uncle Tom's Children: Novellas by Richard Wright

Uncle Tom's Children: Novellas by Richard Wright

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From Harper Perennial:

"I found these stories both heartening. . . and terrifying as the expression of a racial hatred that has never ceased to grow and gets no chance to die." —Malcolm Cowley, The New Republic

Richard Wright's powerful collection of novellas set in the American Deep South, now available as a limited Olive Edition from Harper Perennial.

Each of the poignant stories in Uncle Tom's Children concerns an aspect of the lives of Black people in the post-slavery era, exploring their resistance to white racism and oppression. The collection also includes a personal essay by Wright titled "The Ethics of Living Jim Crow."

Originally published in 1938, Uncle Tom's Children was the first book from Wright, who would go on to win international renown for his powerful and visceral depiction of the Black experience. The author of numerous works, most notably the acclaimed novel Native Son and his stunning autobiography, Black Boy, Wright stands today as one of the greatest American writers of the twentieth century.