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When You Look Up by Decur

When You Look Up by Decur

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From Enchanted Lion:

Lorenzo and his mom are moving to a new home, but Lorenzo isn’t very happy about moving. He worries that he’ll be lonely, separated from his friends, who will now only exist inside his cell phone. Upon arrival at their new house, Lorenzo discovers an old desk, with what seems like hundreds of drawers. Each drawer even has its own smell! Deep inside the desk, he finds a notebook and begins to read. With every page he turns, his interest grows, and soon he is transported into a new, magical and wondrous world. A story within a story, each one visually different and striking, the movement here is between two worlds, with images from the notebook and from Lorenzo’s imagination spilling into the everyday. This is a graphic novel about the power of observation, imagination and the many incredible lenses through which we each experience our lives. 

Visually stunning, created in both luminous paint and cut-paper art, this is a debut at the summit from a self-taught Argentinian visionary.